One dashboard helped Get Bats Out
see a 20% uptick in business in just one month!

Get Bats Out is THE industry leader in bat removal, with over 25 years of experience. They operate in 43 states across the US and have 5 different offices across the country.

The Pain

While they have been growing consistently, they hadn’t been able to see consistent growth numbers across the board. They wanted to begin leveraging the data that they already were gathering to get actionable insights into sales and individual performance.

The Story

Despite growing every year, the level of growth was hard to anticipate; one year it would be 5% growth, another 25%. The team at Get Bats Out wanted to become more consistent in their growth by tracking their sales data more effectively, so they reached out to Praxis.

The Solution

Upon analyzing their sales data for the year, Get Bats Out realized that they had completely neglected an entire segment of their product offerings, and they were down 30% year over year in this segment.

This realization caused them to focus intensely on that segment of their business, and they were able to take the business from that market from down 30% on the year to down just 11% in less than a month. Not only were they able to increase their revenue from this segment by almost 20%, but they did it while the boss was out of town!

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