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Every business owner and marketer wants to know how to scale their business…

but the information they need to know about what is and isn’t working for them
is hidden and scattered across multiple technologies. It’s frustrating.

We understand your struggles, and have a proven roadmap to guide you through them.
We’ve helped business just like yours succeed, and we can help you too.

Let’s get you DATA RICH.

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How Praxis Makes Your Life Easier as a Business Owner

We take care of all your data headaches so you can focus on making better decisions from data you can trust

No more guessing on what metrics you need to make decisions anymore! Tell us what questions you want to answer, we’ll help you figure out what needs to be measured, and we’ll make sure that it’s tracking properly. Gone are the days when you have to make a decision with only part of the picture. Get fast, easy access to your data with our pre-configured templates; or get custom, expert-designed dashboards to answer your unique business questions.

  • No more pulling data from reports manually each and every week
  • Automate all your business data, from marketing to finance, once and for all
  • See your business like never before
  • Trust your data

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How we can help you on the road to Data Mastery:

Depending on where your business is right now on that roadmap, we have several solutions to fit your needs and help you advance towards data mastery:


Pre-Built Dashboard

We've created a collection of the most valuable KPIs requested from industry leaders, so you can have “big data” insights at a fraction of the cost. We've taken the KPIs from your disparate technologies and put them into one dashboard, allowing you to escape from spreadsheet hell and gain insights faster than ever before. No more logging into 20 systems to understand your business; pre-built dashboards simplify & consolidate your data to save you time.

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

Your business is unique, and you may need customized dashboards to help you run your business and use your technologies more efficiently. Create a command center for yourself by combining all your sources of information for your entire business (from marketing to sales to finance and operations), or create a dashboard that compares the efficiency of your shipping options. The possibilities are infinite. Design your dashboards to maximize the efficiency of your organization, and help your team discover actionable insights.


Google Analytics Audit

Take control of your data with a comprehensive 64-point audit. One of our data experts will go through your Google Analytics account with a fine-tooth comb to find any issues or discrepancies in your data. They will then review the audit with you and make a plan for how to clean your data and take your business to the next level, whether it is your own team fixing the issues, or our Analytics Experts perfecting your setup.

Google Analytics Implementation

In the event that you would like our help fixing the problems found in the audit, we have a team of specialists that can ensure that everything is set up properly. This team can assist with: code installation on your website, removing inaccurate or spam referral traffic, setting up Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager, establishing and training you and your team on naming conventions and best practices for campaign tracking/UTMs, event tracking, etc.

You’ve got a business to grow

You have too many things to deal with already;
you probably don’t want to learn to be a data scientist too, right?

We help you organize, visualize and utilize your business data so you can focus on growth.

Data Focused

We know data is at the heart of everything, from marketing to fulfillment. Your technologies are tracking all the time, but they rarely communicate with one another, making it difficult to gain powerful insights.

It’s time to stop dealing with incomplete or inaccurate data, exporting into spreadsheets, and relying on human inputs; you need accurate data that you can trust, with actionable insights to grow your business. We can do that for you by packaging it all into a single, easily accessible dashboard.

Results Driven

We focus everything that we do on making sure that your company is able to take the information that we give you and turn it into growth. We are as invested in your success as you are, and that’s why we provide you with as many tools as possible to make sure that your business is a success.

We’ll work closely with you and your team to ensure that we fully understand your requirements, goals, and objectives. Through a combination of skill, strategy, and a clear understanding of your business goals, we can uncover your clear path to results.

Let Us Build Dashboards You Will Actually Use

If you’re overwhelmed with trying to use your data to grow your business,
get in touch today and find out how we can help you scale faster!

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