Customer Success

We are proud to share the customer success stories for brands that rely on Praxis to turn their data into growth.


What our clients are saying about working with Praxis

Jimmi Sparling

Life Renew | Jimmi Sparling | Founder

``I’ve enjoyed really learning about my business from Praxis! One great insight we’ve had from the Praxis dashboard is identifying different sources and affiliates who are sending really good volume and customer value. We’ve taken that insight from Praxis and created bonus structures for them to ramp up their scale and send us more leads and increase our revenue!``

Danette May

Danette May | | Founder

``We went from 15 sales per day to 350 sales per day on a funnel that wasn’t performing on Facebook Ads. With the help of Praxis, we realized that we had some “dirty data” in our LTV calculations. Armed with our true LTV numbers from the Praxis marketing dashboard, we were able to scale our product get a 2,000 ROI.``

Mat Best

Black Rifle Coffee Company | Mat Best | Vice President

``Praxis is great because we are able to see the HOLES and the ISSUES in our tracking, so now we can go and FIX them moving forward. Before, nobody had the time to go back to see if it was done right or not, but with this, it’s easy for everyone to know why it’s important to follow the SOPs we will set up.``

Molly Pitman

Molly Pittman | Digital Marketer | VP of Marketing

``You can’t make marketing decisions without reliable data. I trust and rely on
Praxis dashboards for all my data!``

Raj Jana

Raj Jana | JavaPresse | CEO

``Praxis has given me access to my data in a way that enables
my team to have more productive brainstorming sessions than we ever
would have had otherwise. We are now systematically improving our
retention rates as opposed to operating on feeling.``

Tom Davin | Black Rifle Coffee Company | Board of Directors

``I feel like when I look at the Praxis dashboards, I’m wearing X-Ray
glasses on what was previously opaque in our business``

Eric Edgerton

Dr Eric Edgerton | NSI Stem Cell | Founder & Director

``We have been working in spreadsheets for 3 years, and now with Praxis Dashboards set up, it’ll boost our entire productivity by 40%! Just freeing up my time and my other doctor’s time, is an EXTREMELY high dollar amount; we are talking MILLIONS of dollars. We are in a customer service industry world now days, so getting ACCURATE data & streamlining everything is eliminating how many things I have to input day-to-day. Now we can really focus on the PATIENTS more.
Thank God for Praxis!``

Lisa Osborne | Fancy Sprinkles | CEO

``Thank you Praxis, this is very helpful! I am now able to toggle EXACTLY what I need to see for insights on my subscribers. This is GREAT that Praxis is able to provide us all this info with one click! Since we have two subscriptions now instead of one, our Shopify ReCharge app doesn’t specify which people are subscribed to which. So when we print out the labels, we have no way of knowing in an easy way who’s getting what... until we got our Praxis dashboard! Thanks so much!!``

Camilo Restrepo | Linkvest Capital | Partner

``Praxis is amazing and exceeded our expectations by delivering solutions
instead of problems. We now have time to focus on more important projects
instead of working manually. Praxis also significantly reduced “human error”
opportunity by automating all of our data directly from our technologies. We
are also presenting better reports to our clients which are more comprehensive
and allow for deeper analysis.``

Anna Francis | Electrical Marketing Solutions | Office Manager

``Praxis was great to work with and they helped us map out all of the reports/KPI’s into a clear picture of what the information meant for our business. Knowledge is power and bringing all of this knowledge together in one place and understanding our business was well worth the time and financial cost. I strongly urge companies to use Praxis!``

John Grimshaw | Digital Marketer | Director of Analytics

``Praxis not only gave us insight into where our most valuable traffic was coming from, they also uncovered a critical issue that we didn’t even know existed! Compared to the previous 9 months, we saw a 57.34% increase in New Users. Thank you for everything you do!``

Megan Marcellino | Curt Landry Ministries | COO

``What I love about the Praxis dashboards is that I don’t have to ask my staff when I have specific questions, I can log in myself, without having to get in the weeds of the different technologies, and I can the answers I need quickly. Even more importantly, I TRUST the data in these dashboards and know that it’s accurate. As an executive, I need to see the real numbers, in the way that I want to see them, and know what’s going on instantly.``

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