Data Roadmap Intensive

The workshop to help you turn data into growth

Eliminate Confusion • Make Better Decisions • Grow Your Company

Discover the true power of your data and get a clear action plan to higher profits

data roadmap intensive

Our 1 Day Data Roadmap Intensive is an immersive 1-on-1 deep dive session designed to fast-track the process of turning your data into actionable insights. This event is ideal for individuals, companies, and teams who want to scale their business faster and finally make sense of the data they currently have and get answers to the most important business questions. 

  • How much is “dirty data” costing you?
  • How many potential customers are you missing out on because you can’t see their journey?
  • How many dollars have you wasted on ads that didn’t convert?
  • How many funnels have you built and re-built because you didn’t know what was working?
  • Could you be just one data-driven decision away from exponential growth?

A lack of data clarity may already be costing you a fortune… let’s put a stop to that.

7-step “metrics mapping” process

This unique deep dive workshop was exclusively crafted for you and your team. We lead you through our proven 7-step “metrics mapping” process which consists of a series of questions, conversations, frameworks and exercises to help you and your team align on the following:

  • what KPIs are important to your business
  • where your data lives
  • why your tracking isn’t working
  • how you should visualize the data so that it is digestible and actionable.

This process allows us to collaborate and build a personalized data roadmap to help you gain control over your data.

Data Roadmap Intensives are offered virtually or in-person in Austin, TX.

Do you struggle with your data?

  • Is getting answers to basic questions difficult?
  • Are you struggling to make decisions and relying on “gut” or “guessing”?
  • Did your last marketing campaign flop because you didn’t have insights?
  • Is your data spread out across multiple platforms that don’t “talk” to each other?
Struggling with data
  • Do you need help getting actionable data in one place?
  • Do you know the most important metrics you “should” be looking at daily, weekly, monthly?​
  • Do data and analytics make your brain hurt?

Discover the true power of your data and get answers to the most important business questions.

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What makes Praxis so different?

Praxis Data Roadmap Framework

The “Praxis Data Roadmap Framework” get results because it teaches you how to stop wasting time, energy and money on the wrong things in your business so that you can instead optimize the things that are working. Hundreds of companies have increased clarity, improved sales, and have seen massive ROIs from using this framework and data organization system. But how can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to attend a workshop.

A few deliverables you can count on:

  • A clear roadmap to confidence in your data
  • A simple, repeatable framework to work from
  • Team unity and alignment around KPI’s and SOP’s
  • Years of potential human error resolved
  • An easier path to automation and accuracy
  • No more spreadsheets
  • Action items that bring the biggest return and cut waste
  • Better decisions for you, your team and your clients

The Data Roadmap Intensive works for B2B and B2C companies:

  • eCommerce businesses
  • Digital product/Information publishing
  • Digital marketers
  • Digital Agencies 
  • Financial advisors
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Retail
  • Tech companies
  • Small businesses
  • Real-estate agents
  • Startups
  • Nonprofits
  • Service-based companies
  • Manufacturers
  • …and more!

Discover the true power of your data and get answers to the most important business questions.

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How will your team benefit from the Data Roadmap Intensive?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure… so If each person on your team isn’t using a specific KPI to drive their productivity and actions, you’re losing money. This private workshop aligns your team and removes years of confusion in only one day.

During the workshop, everyone will learn a framework that can be used to help them understand where data lives, the importance or better tracking and why being more data-driven can impact the bottom line and help them perform better. You’ll then co-create a data plan with our guidance as a team so that everyone leaves the workshop with a shared vision around how data can grow your business.

Praxis Benefits

What's my investment?

What's my investment

The Data Roadmap Intensive pricing depends on your needs.

  • Participate in-person in Austin, TX or invite the Praxis team on-site to visit your company
  • Participate virtually (on a Zoom video call) from anywhere in the world

We will assess which of our team members best fit your needs, and set up a custom pricing quote from there.

To learn more book a quick 15 min discovery session on the form below or give us a call at (888) 653-2821