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You could be one smart data-driven decision away from doubling or tripling revenue!

For the first time ever, we are bringing top-level data insights, previously only reserved for “enterprise sized companies” doing over $60 Million a year… to growing companies and brands just like yours.

LTV - Customer Lifetime Value Dashboard

Having accurate data you can trust is the fastest way to increase your customer's lifetime value

30, 60, 90 Day LTV | Retention Rates

We’ve built this “command center” that combines your top of funnel marketing efforts with your entire customer purchasing journey so that you can see patterns and anomalies otherwise unknown to you.

  • Which marketing efforts are yielding the highest 30, 60 or 90 day LTV?
  • Which affiliates are bringing you customers who come back and purchase again and again?
  • What funnels are yielding the highest or lowest customer retention rates?

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How Praxis Makes Your Life Easier as a Business Owner

We take care of all your data headaches so you can focus on making better decisions from data you can trust

No more guessing on what metrics you need to make decisions anymore! Gone are the days when you have to make a decision with only part of the picture. Get access to your data faster & easier with our pre-configured templates, or get custom, expert-designed dashboards that instantly answer your unique business questions.

  • No more pulling data from reports manually each and every week
  • Automate all your business data, from marketing to finance, once and for all
  • See your business like never before and finally have data you can trust

Revenue Metrics Ready in 7 Days

In just one week, our pre-built eCommerce dashboard integrates with the most popular eCommerce tools. Once set up, it will clearly and accurately present your most important revenue metrics — in one convenient place.

Customer Revenue Dashboard Metrics

You can’t make marketing decisions without reliable data. I trust and rely on Praxis’ dashboards for all my data!

Molly Pittman - VP of Marketing, Digital Marketer

What Will Your Data Reveal?

How this dashboard helped go from 15 to 350 sales per day!

Great data should tell a story and more importantly give you truthful information on where you should spend your next marketing dollars. Check out how the marketing team at DanetteMay used our dashboard to get the easy answers that skyrocketed their revenue.

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Amber Galligan

Towers Realty

Personalized, responsive, and friendly service throughout

“After working with Praxis, we now understand the types of data most important to gather and analyze for better tracking ROI in our marketing efforts. Seeing this in a useful dashboard was so helpful. I think before Praxis, we had vague ideas about what insights we were hoping to uncover, but this new process allowed us to crystallize the framework for a better analytical approach to marketing spend.”

Raj Jana

CEO, Java Presse

Systematically improving our retention rates

``Praxis Metrics has given me access to my data in a way that enables my team to have more productive brainstorming sessions than we ever would have had otherwise. We are now systematically improving our retention rates as opposed to operating on feeling.``

PraxisMetrics Jeremy Reeves photo

Jeremy Reeves

Head of Marketing, Danette May

The Praxis marketing dashboard is awesome

If it wasn't for the Praxis team and this amazing marketing dashboard they built for us, we would have never known our true LTV and been able to scale this product funnel like we did!``

Get Marketing Metrics That Matter

Imagine Having These Powerful And Accurate Metrics For Your Business

Average LTV

This metric will show you the accurate lifetime value of your customers after different lengths of time, grouped by cohorts of first purchase months.

  • This one visualization answers the questions: Are the changes I am making in my marketing efforts INCREASING or DECREASING my customers’ 30, 60 and 90 day LTV?
  • In addition, you have the ability to filter this metric based on the customer’s first product purchased, original source, medium and merchant. This helps you find the variables that yield the highest LTV so that you can increase spending where it has the highest return.

Average LTV by Source

Learn which source of traffic produces the customers who spend the most with you over their lifetime. This metric will help you see the number of sales from each source and how those customers are purchasing over 30, 60 and 90 day increments.

Days to Cancellation

Now you will be able to identify why customers are cancelling their subscriptions based on when they cancel. Do you have a system-generated email going out that accidentally reminds your customers to cancel? Now you will know when to drip out educational materials to help reduce cancellations!

Net Subscription Change

This shows you the number of active subscriptions on any given day. Look for positive/negative trends to know where customer loyalty efforts can be replicated and improved.

Order Repurchase Timeline

How long does it take customers to purchase their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th order? Is that trending up or down over time? Typically you want customers to repurchase from you on a more frequent basis. With this metric, you can compare customers over time to see when they first buy, then see what marketing efforts are attracting customers that purchase more quickly.

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Customer Repurchase Rate

Are you attracting customers that are likely to repurchase from you?

What % of customers purchase a 2nd, 3rd, 4th order?

Compare customers from when they first buy from you to see if certain marketing efforts are attracting better customers.

Retention Rates

Are you attracting customers that are likely to repurchase from you?

Quickly gather insights into what source, medium and product purchases yield higher retention rates.

MoM Revenue

Are your sales increasing Month-over-Month as you’ve projected?

Compare current month-to-date sales to sales from the previous month to date.

YoY Revenue

Are your sales increasing Year over Year as you’ve projected?

Compare current year-to-date sales to sales from the previous year-to-date.

Subscriptions Cohort Analysis

Flexible metrics the way you prefer. This shows the retention rates of subscription over time in a table format in case you like to see your cohort data in this format.

Subscription Cohort Analysis

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