How The Brand Builders Group saved thousands of dollars in overhead and eliminated redundant roles and efforts with their Praxis Dashboards!

This has been the ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER for our business!

Being able to work with the Praxis team and the Domo dashboards has been incredible for our team. The INSIGHTS that we are able to EASILY pull now IN REAL TIME would have historically taken so much manual time pulling from our CRM, our marketing systems, and our Quickbooks account. Now it's all in ONE place, automated, ACCURATE and I don't have to have 10 Excel sheets open! Even as a small business, the INVESTMENT is WORTH IT!
AJ Vaden - Co-Founder

Rory Vaden and AJ Vaden co-founded Brand Builders Group with a mission to help every person identify their voice, tell their story, and share their message. As a part of accomplishing that mission, we’re dedicated to teaching people the power of building a rock solid reputation.

The Pain

AJ Vaden, co-founder of The Brand Builders Group, wanted to reduce the amount of time she was wasting each month.  She would spend hours working with the accountant to figure out the commissions for her employees, contractors and affiliates.  She knew that wasting her time looking through reports, exporting information into spreadsheets, and analyzing the information wasn’t the most optimized use of her time. Every minute and hour she spent on manual reports was taking her away from her true value in the business, and was a HUGE opportunity cost.

The Story

Imagine being a business owner, worth hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour, and yet, you are pulling reports and doing tasks worth $15/hour because “SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT!”

Imagine how much your company would grow if your time, and your team’s time, was 100% focused on income producing activities, and on the most valuable tasks you and your team are most capable of doing.

Unfortunately, many owners and marketers and managers are forced to do redundant tasks like report generation because you NEED THE INSIGHTS from the reports.  Valuable information lies cross-platform, so you and your team are left to go build manual excel sheets in order to pull those fragmented pieces of information together so that you can know what you need to, in order to make better business decisions.

Fortunately, AJ Vaden decided she was fed up with so much wasted time, efforts, energy and emotions.  It was time for her and her team to step out of the weeds so they could focus on scaling.  She wanted to automate her reporting, create custom coding for unique situations, and make sure that each month her business was getting more streamlined, more informed and more profitable.

So that’s what we did, together!

The Solution

When Praxis worked with Brand Builders Group to get the right data and information in front of the right people, and AUTOMATICALLY, it allowed them to spend more time on figuring WHY the numbers were up or down, rather than WHAT the numbers are. 

In addition, it saved the BBG executive team VALUABLE hours each month gathering the necessary information from the different systems, manually entering them into spreadsheets, and then turning them into reports that were hand created for each one of their affiliates and employees.  

Great data should tell a story, be accessible to all, and more importantly, should make your life and business EASIER.

Don’t take our word for it. Watch AJ’s video to hear her explain in her own words!


saved in monthly staff overhead expenses

10 Hours down to 1

wasted hours per month decrease

Praxis Services Used:

Outsourced Data Team

Praxis Dashboard Engineering

Praxis Custom Dashboard

Metrics Mapping

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