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Praxis Metrics is helping businesses across the world take control of their data and impact the bottom by getting the right data in front of the right people, quickly!
We want to help your friends too, so we decided to offer a sweet deal:

We’ll give you a 5% cash up front on any contract that we close. We do the hard work, all you need to do is introduce us and we will take care of them personally! Another payment option we have allows you to earn a 10% credit that can be used towards our platform fees and all data services to build out your dashboards or any other data objectives that we can collaborate on.
(Did we mention there’s no limit on how many people you can submit?)

Go ahead, start building your list of other small and medium sized businesses that you want to help.

We’re excited to make your friends our friends.

To growth,

AJ & Meaghan
Your Praxis Metrics Data Team

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