Working with Praxis FAQs:

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If you don’t have a data scientist or an IT person on your team, that is why we are here; to be your trusted data team!

However, we will need to work with a liaison from your team in order to make sure your Praxis dashboards are 100% relevant to the uniqueness of your business.  It always helps for us to work with someone on your team who is either in charge of your current reporting (even if that involves just spreadsheets for now), or someone who has insider knowledge of how you access and use the various technologies/programs in your business.

Our projects are always the biggest success when we have open communication and resources available to us in order to make these dashboards as valuable as possible.

Right now, the easiest way to sign up for your dashboard is by scheduling a call with one of our data experts to find out what license level would best suit your current needs and level of data maturity. Click here to schedule your call today.

First thing you can do right now is click the “Talk to a data expert”, fill-out the form and book a free strategy session with one of our team members.  They will help guide you in the right direction and help you no matter where you are on the road to data maturity.

We believe in being long-term partners with our clients, and believe communication and transparency are key to maintaining these relationships. In honor of these values, every Praxis client recieves a dashboard giving them real time access into our project management tool. This way they know exactly how much time the Praxis team spent on each data task. Generally, we are extremely flexible in how we partner with our clients. We can ebb and flow on an as-needed basis, we can work together in a phased approach by estimating blocks of hours for each custom dashboard project, or we can decide on a fixed amount of ongoing service hours per month. Whatever your situation, we will work together to create a data roadmap and a dashboarding plan that works for you, your team, and your cash flow!

Tracking is one of the most important pieces of an accurate dashboard, so we have built a team dedicated to make sure your tracking is set up correctly. Our analytics team is Google Analytics Certified and has implemented hundreds of Google Analytics installations and custom configurations. We also provide “Analytic Audits” to asses the quality of your current set up. Here we go through a multi-step check-list to identify the red flags and opportunities, then provide a hands-on approach to prioritize what needs to be fixed. You can learn more about our Analytics Services here.

After successfully implementing over 100 custom dashboards, we have found that we cannot predict what kind of data exists once we open up a client’s back-end system, nor can we predict how priorities might change for a client. For this reason, Praxis does not send specific Scopes of Work, because we know flexibility is necessary when dealing with data and building dashboards. Instead, we estimate the number of hours needed for a specific phase of building custom dashboards. If we need to pivot at any point, it’s easy to pause work towards one objective and switch based on client requests and needs. It makes for a smooth working relationship.

There are several ways to get your data into your Praxis Dashboard:

1. Direct API connection: – Praxis has over 590 professionally built API connectors into 3rd-party systems. -If you are using a technology that doesn’t already have a direct API connection built, we have dedicated developers to create additional connections if your system is not included in the 590 connectors already offered (custom development hours are billable hours).

2. If you don’t want to pay for a custom connector to be built, we can also connect to your systems a number of other ways:

Direct database connection: if you are already storing your data on an AWS, Microsoft, SQL, or Google server, we can directly connect to any database.

SFTP connection (we can connect to CSVs, Excel, or access JSON files that you have uploaded to an SFTP server).

Automated email exports from your systems of any relevant columns directly into the dashboard (we will do an auto-append with each emailed export).

On-premise data sources can also be connected to your dashboard via a downloadable Workbench Tool to access specific files.

Praxis Dashboards are a managed service, which means Praxis removes the stress of building and managing your data pipeline and dashboards in-house. However, nobody knows your business like you do, so we collaborate with you and your team in order to make sure the dashboards apply to your business’ unique needs. That’s what makes these dashboards so valuable!

When your team is ready to take on the responsibility of managing your dashboards in-house, Praxis educates and trains your team on the dataflows we created, the data dictionaries and the logic behind the visualizations. We will hold your team’s hand while learning the system and will assist in your migration into your own license or into a different platform. Praxis can stay on as your outsourced data team and support your workload as long as you need us.

General Data + Dashboarding FAQs:

Think of a Single Source Dashboard as a replication of the dashboard you would see upon logging into any of your other technologies. For example, a Single Source Facebook dashboard would show you metrics like Page View Growth, Post Activity, Best Performing Days, etc. It will only show you metrics containing insights from that one specific technology.

A Multi-Source Dashboard will always provide more insights because it gathers pieces of data from multiple technologies, which allows you to see more valuable insights like LTV by Source, CAC with COGS, etc. This is where the true value of Business Intelligence lies, in the amalgamation of disparate data to see those hidden patterns and anamolies that aren’t available in Single Source dashboards.

An API (Application Program Interface) is a software-to-software interface. With APIs, applications talk to each other directly, allowing us to transfer set columns of information into your dashboard. Each API is developed by the originating software developer and they describe the various endpoints available, their methods, parameters, which information is sent, and in what format. Sometimes, they set up multiple tables or reports containing different pieces of content, and they will need to be joined together by the Praxis team once all the individual reports have been uploaded into your dashboard.

BI Platform FAQs:

Yes you can! Praxis is a certified partner with both Grow and Domo, so we can negotiate on your behalf in order to get you the best rates. We are also certified to do the implementations on whichever platform suits your needs.

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