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Bad data costs US businesses $3 trillion per year.

How much could it be costing you?

Most businesses don’t recognize the huge opportunity costs associated with inaccurate or incomplete data; but it can be the difference between a thriving business and a dying business.

A Harvard study estimates that bad data costs the US economy roughly $3 trillion per year.

How much of that could your business be missing out on?


What Praxis has done is allowed us to confidently use data for decisions in our business.

Mae Steigler - Organifi COO

Great data gives actionable insights.

Data is now the most valuable resource on Earth. That’s because data is knowledge, and knowledge is power; therefore data is power.

Understanding your data could be the key to unlocking increased profitabilityrapid scaling, and decreased waste for your business.

Check out how the marketing team at Danette May leveraged their data to do all of three:

Want a beautiful and accurate dashboard for your business?


Connect The Systems That Run Your Business

Need financial information from Quickbooks? A report from Salesforce? Files from Dropbox? It’s all just a few clicks away.

Praxis Metrics’ Dashboard Solution brings together all your data so you can start analyzing all in one place.

Executive Summary

Get high-level insights at a glance.


See where your revenue is coming from, broken down by geographic regions, time of day purchased, products, and promo code.


See how your subscriptions trend over time. Learn the most common days for cancellation, and track how your efforts affect your subscribers.

Customer Lifetime Value

Learn the lifetime value of your customers. See how products purchased, traffic sources, and discount codes affect their spending over time.


See how your marketing efforts affect customer repurchase rates. Discover when customers come back to make repeat purchases, and what products they return to purchase.

See what our customers are saying about this dashboard:

Danette May

Danette May | Founder

We went from 15 sales per day to 350 sales per day on a funnel that wasn’t performing on Facebook Ads.

Mat Best

Mat Best

Vice President | Black Rifle Coffee Company

Praxis is great because we are able to see the HOLES and the ISSUES in our tracking, so now we can go and FIX them moving forward.

Molly Pitman

Molly Pittman

VP of Marketing | Digital Marketer

I trust and rely on Praxis dashboards for all my data!

Lisa Osborne

CEO | Fancy Sprinkles

I am now able to toggle EXACTLY what I need to see for insights on my subscribers.

Eric Edgerton

Dr Eric Edgerton

Founder & Director | NSI Stem Cell

We have been working in spreadsheets for 3 years, and now with Praxis Dashboards set up, it’ll boost our entire productivity by 40%!

Michael Koski

Michael Koski

Owner & President | Get Bats Out

These metrics from Praxis have made the biggest impacts in my business this year.

Get the answers to your most important business questions.

Turn your data into growth.

Our goal at Praxis is simple, help you turn your data into growth. We help you find your areas of waste; wasted time, effort, and money. We also show you areas of opportunity.

The rest of the formula is simple: redirect resources from your areas of waste to your areas of opportunity, and watch your business explode.

The next step from here is simple, schedule a call with one of our data experts. They’ll build a customized data roadmap for your business, and get you started on your journey towards data mastery.

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