Praxis Metrics- Using-Data-to-Gain-an-Edge-in-Your-Business

Using Data to Gain an Edge in Your Business

Big data, like Google Analytics, eCommerce, SaaS solutions, social media insights, etc., is everywhere. Needless to say, the influx of information can be overwhelming, and ignoring it could make you lose out on an increase in sales, client retention and more. Regardless of industry or size, all businesses can benefit from the value big data can provide. So how can you harness the power of big data and get to what is most relevant for your business, and how can businesses interpret this data to gain an edge in an increasingly saturated marketplace? The key is distilling that data in such a way as to answer your most pressing business questions.

Praxis Metrics- 3 ways dashboards can transform your business

3 Ways Dashboards Can Transform Your Business

Having issues gaining insights into how your business is performing? Or are you trying to leverage data information to grow your profit margin significantly? If you haven’t yet implemented a business intelligence dashboard then this is a good place to start to know why you should! Simply put, a dashboard is a visual consolidation of all your business data. Here are three specific ways dashboards can help you make informed decisions that can transform your business into more growth in all aspects of your company.

Praxis Metrics The 5 Devastating Data-Driven Mistakes You May Be Making Right Now

The 5 Devastating Data-Driven Mistakes You May Be Making Right Now

Let me ask you a question. How important is data and reporting to your company? It’s interesting when I ask people this question, which I do almost every day. It varies from “not using data that much” to “we’re data driven masters who implement data discovery into almost every decision we make.”