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Get More Power And Clarity From Google Analytics Without The Hassle...

Meet AJ & Meaghan, the data-driven co-founders of Praxis Metrics who are passionate about solving data and analytics challenges for your website or online business. If you have an analytics problem, they will solve it. If you need reliable tracking and eCommerce integration, their team of Google Analytics Experts will deliver results. Get your free consultation today.

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You Can Finally Have 100% Confidence Knowing Your Analytics Are Tracking Correctly!

Data You can Trust

Data You Can Trust

Unleash The Power Of Your Web Analytics And Have Confidence in it's Accuracy

Understand Your Customer Journey

Know Your Customer Journey

Know what your customers are really doing and how your web site actually converts

Real People. Proven Results

Real People. Proven Results

We’ve helped hundreds of online businesses get the most out of Google Analytics

Co-Founders of Praxis Metrics

Expert Google Analytics Consulting & Setup

Do you have Google Analytics installed on your web site but have no clue whether it is working correctly or not? Do you avoid logging in to GA because it is confusing and overwhelming? Whether you are just starting out or have had GA on your site for years you will finally be able to take full advantage of Google Analytics to improve your campaign performance like never before.

Request Your Analytics Audit Google Analytics
Molly Pitman

“Meaghan and AJ not only gave us insight into where our most valuable traffic was coming from, they also uncovered a critical issue that we didn’t even know existed! Compared to the previous 9 months, we saw a 57.34% increase in New Users. Thank you for everything you do!”

- Molly Pittman, V.P. of Marketing, Digital Marketer Labs

Helping You Track What’s Most Important

Whatever your tracking goals are, we'll help you reach them. Whether it's eCommerce tracking, events on single page apps or literally anything else, we will use Google Tag Manager the right way. You will be able to manage all of your tracking implementations from one simple interface.

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Automated Reporting & Simple Dashboards

Know exactly what is happening with your web site wherever you are. Intuitive reporting via customized dashboards keep you updated and in the know.

Imagine having one powerful platform to run your entire business and having the freshest data in hand, with real-time updates.

Connect your team with the data they need to drastically improve business results. Turn your data into insights and connect directly to any source of data to streamline reporting.

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Carly Fiorina

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

- Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

Praxis Team

Complex Analytics Problems? We Want To Help.

Don't be shy, Meaghan and AJ have built a great Data and Google Analytics Consulting Team who are here to help you with all your Google Analytics questions & tracking needs. We’re accessible to you, answering every single one of your questions to improve your Online business into the future.

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You May Need An Analytics Audit When:

  • You Really Don’t Know Your Exact Sales Or Lead Conversion Rates!
  • You Don’t Know The Source Of Truth For Your Traffic And Conversions!
  • You Waste Huge Amounts Of Time Trying To Review And Analyze Your Data Every Day, Week and/or Month!
  • You Have Numbers, Stats, And Metrics That Make No Sense!
  • You Can’t See The Complete Client Journey Your Customers Are Taking Or How To Fix It For Better Results!
  • You Are About To Make Important Decisions Based On Tracking That May Not Be 100% Correct!

Google Analytics Services Roadmap: How It Works

Step 1

Google Analytics

The Analytics Audit

  • An up-to-date Snap-Shot analysis and breakdown of your Google Analytics and Tag Manager.
  • 47 point inspection of tracking issues, blockages and opportunities with mandatory action steps you must take in order to use your data to make better decisions.
  • A Growth Score giving you an accurate measurement of success based on where you are now.

Step 2

Google Tag Manager

The Tracking Solution

  • Fixing what is broken.
  • Completing the set-up of Google Analytics and Tag Manager.
  • Assigning Goals, Events, and conversion tracking.
  • Ensuring that everything is tracking correctly now and in the future.

Step 3

Google Analytics

Reporting & Analytics Consulting

  • Have all your data in one customized dashboard.
  • Your most important, must-have metrics visualized into easy to consume charts and metrics that will enable you to measure success daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • On-going analytics consulting with our team of Google Analytics Experts.

Call Meaghan & AJ, Our Google Analytics Consultants

Meaghon Connell & AJ Yager

Your information is 100% safe and secure only to be used for communication with Praxis Metrics.


We’ll make sure your google analytics and other tracking technogies are installed, tracking correctly, build a detailed story around your website and tell you what you SHOULD be tracking.

Google Analytics can do EVERYTHING you want it to do, but this is limited to HOW you are using it currently, then HOW you should be using in the future.

A detailed breakdown of your customer path and the KEY triggers that need to be BROUGHT into google analytics.

  • During this stage, we don’t bring in anything into Google Analytics. Measurement is like a great pair of jeans, it fits just right and requires a lot of visits to the store.
  • We can help you set this up at a later stage, you can take what you’ve learned to do it yourself, and even delegate this to your team.
  • We’re about empowering you with this FREE tool and brief work upfront will pay off in the long run.

Curated custom reports based off how your analytics is set up and several reports that you should be checking everyday.

  • Our analytics expert can help:
    • You install Tracking code
    • Answer reporting FAQs
    • Setup alerts
    • Recurring emails of reports
    • And much more to get the most out of google analytics

Measurement Blueprint

  • The top #10 that should be tracked per our recommendations
    • We make the recommendations if you don’t know where to start
    • We add to your list of tracking objectives and make it better.
    • Use the blueprint to do it yourself or have us completely setup your Google Analytics and other technologies correctly.
  • Understand the process of building a measurement blueprint as your site grows and changes.

Measurement Checklist

  • 47 point inspections previewing what’s wrong with your Google Analytics. Just like scantrons, it’s pass or fail. We breakdown each of the steps in our help support documents included for 30 days with the purchase of the audit.
    • We can also go in there and implement the changes too.

Action Plan

  • Based of everything we learned from your website, your business objectives and the measurement blueprint along with the measurement checklist—Our Google analytics experts break down the next steps.
    • We’re really good at implementing and getting the most out of Google Analytics and other technologies. We can put that package together and work on it with you.
    • With a little effort you can become analytics pro and never miss a measurement opportunity.
    • We want you to speak measurement without all the tech jargon so we can get the easy out of the way and really unlock the true potential of your website.

We build upon any existing website with at least 30 days of data. Having Google Analytics installed on your website is required.

  • If you need help installing it, please contact our “Google Analytics Expert” to assist with the installation.
  • Our Google Analytics experts starts at $97 a month for chat support and you get access to 2 Q&A webinars per month.

The overwhelmed business owner wearing 100 different hats who has better things to do.

Somebody that wants to take control of their google analytics on a monthly / quarterly basis

Anybody that doesn’t get analytics, but hears how important it is all the time

  • Website owners that are making the mistake thinking everything is tracking fine, but it really isn’t.