About Praxis

Our mission is to drive change through better information.

We do that by empowering individuals and companies
to change their behavior with better data insights.

Our Goals

To bring BIG DATA insights and expertise to the SMB market.

To leave a positive and lasting impact on the world and those we interact with. We believe in personal transformation first, and in BEING the change we want to see in the world.

Our Purpose

We believe INFORMATION is the key to unlocking our fullest potential, and that information is the first domino to solving the greatest problems in humanity.

We are here to help disseminate information (data) to those who can use it to make their personal lives better, and eventually, to those who can use information to make the entire world a better place.

We have chosen to take on the role of gathering and simplifying the complex data from its disparate sources, and helping educate the planet on how to use it for social good.

Our History

Praxis was founded by two business owners with a problem that needed to be solved.

AJ Yager was running a successful digital marketing agency when Meaghan joined his team. Together, they scaled the business and were able to serve incredible clients, but there were major internal battles. Each client had unique reporting needs, and we were reduced down to manual report generation. It was time consuming, manual, tedious and extremely in-efficient. In order to solve our problems, we researched all the Business Intelligence and dashboarding tools on the market, only to be left disappointed and without a solution. That led us to founding Praxis, to allow small to large companies a BI platform on which they could grow as they scale towards data maturity, and with price points that don’t break the bank. We are extremely proud of the team we have built, the companies we have worked with, and the products and services we provide to those we work with.



  • Planning Ahead

    Beginning with the end in mind saves time, effort, energy and emotions. “Measure twice, cut once.”

  • Communication

    We believe that communication (both internally and externally) can solve every problem on the planet.

  • Transparency

    We have transparency amongst team members, and to our clients and encourage our clients to do the same with their team. The more information ('data') people have, the better outcomes can be produced.

  • Problem Solving Mindset

    Approaching every new problem or situation with excitement to overcome the barriers. Coming into each project with an excitement for creating solutions, not merely reporting on problems.

Our Purpose



We are passionate about service - serving our team, serving our families, serving our community, and serving our clients.

Giving Back

We have been lucky enough to live with enough food on our plates and roofs over our head, so we believe in giving our time in service, and giving financially to help transform the planet and make the world a better place


Our goal is to be the catalyst to transforming people into the best versions of themselves. This holds true for our customers, our partners and our employees. We believe we have that impact through our daily efforts and service to our clients.

Our Culture



We believe in rewarding efficiency. We do not believe in ``work for the sake of work``. We encourage innovation and creating systems for speed and precision, so that we can live the lives we want.

Radical Self Responsibility

We believe that we create every outcome in life, our thoughts and actions are the domino that creates every positive (and negative) situation, so if we each take radical responsibility for our own inputs, we can drastically change the reality we live in.


We have a high standard of excellence for ourselves, our team, and our work. We believe in being and giving the best we can, and we believe in KAIZEN, continual improvement.


We have a passion for education: our personal educations, and then sharing and disseminating that information internally, and with as many people as possible in the world.

Work / Life Balance

We believe there is more to life than just earning money. We believe in adventure and living life to it's fullest, and we encouage our team to work with the higher purpose to live a wonderful life and fuel their passions and hobbies and relationships

Remote Work

We believe work can be done anywhere - we trust our team to be present, efficient and take ownership over what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. We reward them with the freedom and flexibility to work from the beach, the mountains, or the moon... as long as they contribute with passion and excellence.