Numbers Tell The Story, And Numbers Never Lie

Aj and Meaghan

Hello, as the founders of this data-solution website we both wanted to welcome you to Praxis Metrics. Here is just a little about us:

A.J. Yager is a data-driven serial entrepreneur, growth hacker, direct-response marketer, author, speaker and master coach. Meaghan Connell is a data-driven sales consultant, trainer, speaker and coach.

Over the past several years, we have had so much fun and success building our own businesses and helped other entrepreneurs grow their businesses through understanding how DATA creates business and life success. In many situations we have been working “behind the scenes” of multiple 6 and 7 figure income businesses as a driven direct response marketer who loves and understands the technology side of business!

But you know something interesting?

No matter, whether it was a business we owned or a clients business that I helped grow there was one consistent challenge which kept coming back again and again, and it simply wasn’t ever completely solved…

That challenge came down a process of 3 things:

  • Tracking Data Correctly
  • Defining Kpi’s That Were Important To The Business
  • Interpreting The Most Crucial Data And Making Decisions That Would Grow The Business

As you may or may not know, there are a lot of Dashboard (Business Intelligence) Softwares out there. We put months into researching all of them, which only ended in frustrations.

Most Important Things We Learned During Months of Research

  1. Most dashboards are complicated, clunky, slow, and require ridiculous amounts of hours to on-board a single dashboard with very minimal data. (The more data, the more development hours)
  2. Many of them looked basic (from a design and style stand-point). Basically, if I am going to be looking at something consistently for my own team or client data, then it better look great.
  3. Most companies just throw all sorts of “dirty data”into the dashboards. They don’t take the time to establish KPI’s (key performance indicators) that are the most crucial numbers to track and display. You want metrics that are confident and accurate and applicable to your business to help you make important decisions moving forward.
  4. After the data is in the dashboard, most companies don’t know how to analyze and interpret the data to increase their conversions, sales, leads, etc. There is a science to increasing conversions and growing a business.

Finally, we have solved this problem and combined with the partnership alongside Domo, we now have a Data team and solution for getting more clarity and power from your data with less hassle. Get the most crucial information you need, how you need it, when you need it, to lead with confidence. Even better, never waste valuable time searching all your different software platforms to run time-consuming reports with scattered information that’s quickly out-of-date.

We hope you grow your business profits with our tools.


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A.J. Yager, Meaghan Connell and Your Praxis Metrics Team